Fruitful Summer 2016 – Day 86

07 Sep
Fruitful Summer 2016 – Day 86

I have read quite a bit about landscaping (not that I have really done much with that knowledge) and even subscribe to a couple of online landscaping newsletters. As I was reading some information it said to start planning your landscape or gardens from inside the house, looking out. Sit at places where you can look outside, and decide what you would like to see from that vantage point. Blew my mind. Completely. The next time I am doing the dishes I am definitely going to think about what I want the backyard to look like from that vantage point. Oh, and I am also going to look out the front from the chair I like to sit in and ruminate. What would I ideally like to see when I look out from there? I am just so excited about that concept. It had never occurred to me to start from the inside, looking out!

After I read about landscaping, or even vegetable gardening from the Inside Out, I did one of those “Oh, A-Ha” things. I stopped and shook my head back and forth just a bit. “Oh.” “Ah, I get it.”

As is in gardening is in life. I need to sit down and look through the windows at what I want it all to look like when it’s done. I need to evaluate where to plant and what to plant from INSIDE before I start looking at it on the outside. “A-ha.” While this is not an entirely NEW concept (find your ‘why’, follow your passion, etc.), in the origami of life it unfolds a little bit differently.

When looking through the window glass of life, are you planning what is most appealing to you for your lifetime? If not, make some quick adjustments to finish this season and get ready for the next! Are you living your life with passion and purpose to fill your cup to the point of overflowing? If the answer is ‘no’, then ask yourself ‘why not?’~

One of the best ways to discover the answers to those questions is through meditation. If you are not one of those new-age-touchy-feely-granola types, well then meditation is probably not any the less for you… There are some very good beginning meditation series on Youtube. I am very fond of Deepak Chopra’s guided meditations. Meditation quiets your mind and puts you in touch with the true you. Looking at the windows of yourself through meditation is a good way to discover what you want to see outside those windows; what you want the garden of life to look like from Inside and Out.

Today’s Challenge: Ruminate. Meditate. Look out the window and back in…

“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” ~ Carl Jung

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  1. Kate @ Did That Just Happen?

    September 9, 2016 at 8:06 am

    I’m struggling with my meditation practice. The worst part is that I know I am and just can’t! LOL :/


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