Fruitful Summer 2016 – Day 25

08 Jul
Fruitful Summer 2016 – Day 25

It’s Raining, Again…

For years I have listened to my mother say things like, “Well, it’s too muddy to get into the garden to (insert almost anything you can do in the garden here). In case you couldn’t think of anything to fill in the blank I will give you a few: till, weed, mulch, pick. This same sentence has been used for the yard, also; substitute mow, prune, edge, etc. I heard this statement again yesterday morning when we were having our morning coffee. It went more like this, “I’m glad I did what I did in the garden and yard yesterday because it’s too wet to get into the garden or yard today.” So we sat and drank some more coffee.

I began to think about that later. What is there to do when it’s too wet to work on the yard or garden? Do you have time set aside for that task, or were you just fitting it in? If you are a scheduled person and have that on your schedule ‘to do’ then to me it makes sense to do something that is yard or garden related.

Here are some thoughts that came to me as a non-horticulturist, gardener, outdoorswoman: Check on your houseplants. Make sure they look healthy, have plenty of room in the pot for their roots, and if you are so inclined, check the nutrient levels in the soil. You could also take this opportunity to maintain your lawn and garden tools. If you have a potting shed or garage where you store these items, make sure that they are clean and in good working order. I am sure you are all very organized and tidy, but I have been known to toss some garden shears or clippers back into the garage without wiping them free of debris. The same might be true of the lawnmower. If your tools need to be oiled this is an opportunity to do that. When was the last time your lawnmower had a tune-up? Maybe this is a good time to organize or clean out your potting shed. If you are already organized and tidy, maybe you want to take this time to sit on the porch (or other covered area) and look out at your yard or garden while you listen to the rain. The sound of rain (not a Kansas thunderstorm, just a nice rain) is very calming and is great for meditation.

I would say that for most of us and our success goals, the rain does not prevent us from doing what we need to do. If your goal is to run a marathon, it might keep you from running outside. What about people who rain on your parade? Those rainclouds can certainly take away your focus and make you doubt yourself. They want to keep you out of the garden by telling you things muddy the waters. They might tell you that you don’t have a green thumb, or that the farmers market has prettier tomatoes than yours. Whatever it is that those sunshine suckers say, just put up your umbrella and walk away. Do not let other people’s negative words flood out the good work you have done, or the dreams that you have.

Rain can also come in the way of distractions, poor planning, or lack of motivation. These are more internal rain showers. I can get sidetracked and off of my plan when someone in my house says “Pitch Perfect is on. Why don’t we sit down and watch it together.” Kryptonite to my powers. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it! Yes, I said “off of my plan.” If you do NOT have a plan then you should create one. I plan out my Monday – Friday on paper so that I know when my work hours are and when my personal hours are. I break down my lunch schedule to be “me” time and figure out which of my personal hours are for “me” and which are for “family”. My work goals are obviously during work hours, so I make sure to utilize that time for work. My personal goals fit in the other times. Just like working in your yard or garden, if you have something on the schedule to do, and that rain comes in whether in the form of parade wreckers, movie offers, or simply a lack of motivation, honor the schedule. You own the movie. You can watch it when that piece gets written or that closet gets cleaned out. If you need an extra bit of motivation to get you going or keep you going put on a song that always pumps you up or open up your “Sunshine Folder”. Maybe you need to read a couple of positive or motivational quotes (twitter @wowmotivations). Maybe you just need to remember the “why” to your “what”. Sometimes that is all the motivation needed. Sometimes, the rain is over almost as quickly as it started.

Today’s Challenge: Stay focused on the task at hand if it starts to rain. Do something toward your goals in that area for the time allotted on the schedule!

And when it rains on your parade, look up rather than down. Without the rain, there would be no rainbow. ~ G.K. Chesterton

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