WOW ~ Fruitful Summer 2016 Day 4

17 Jun
WOW ~ Fruitful Summer 2016 Day 4

I sincerely hope you have taken some time over the past three days to discover what goals you want to work toward this summer and why you want to achieve them. I also hope you started creating a plan to achieve them. One of the tools that is useful in achieving your ‘wants’ is setting SMART goals. I am quite sure that you all know exactly what SMART goals are, however, since we are laying out our plan for our growth, I feel it necessary to briefly talk about them in this planning stage of our growth.

SMART is a common acronym used in goal setting. It stands for Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time bound.

The reason for SMART goals is because our subconscious minds work in specifics, not generalities. Our subconscious minds also work in the personal present tense. State your goals as “I” goals and as if they have already been achieved.

If one of your goals is to have more money, that is not a SMART goal. Not because it isn’t ‘smart’ or ‘wise’ or normal to have more money. It’s too general. If you want more money, I have some pennies on the table that you can have.  You would then have more money and you could say you met your goal. Do you want $10,000 extra dollars in the bank? Be specific.

In the ‘why’ part of this 100 Days to a Fruitful Summer I gave you one of my ‘why’s’. I re-read my why and have re-written it in SMART form.  It is August 12th, 2013 and I live in optimal health to maintain abundant energy by eating nourishing foods and exercising daily feeling fabulous at 115!

That goal is Specific Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time bound . It also evokes emotion and passion.

Break down your three wants into SMART goals. Write them down on paper. This makes them real. Re-write and read aloud your goals every morning and repeat them aloud again before you go to bed. This crystallizes the goals. Ingrains and embeds them. Additionally, you are telling yourself that you have achieved these things, so that your subconscious sets that into motion. You can also write out notecards or post-its with your ‘wants’ written out and place them somewhere you will look at them often. Maybe on your closet door or on your computer monitor. When you see them written out it reinforces the goal.

Keep planning and planting, Ladies!

“What keeps me going is goals.” ~ Muhammed Ali

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