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WOW ~ May -The Flow and Action!

WOW ~ May -The Flow and Action!

After the wonderful cleanse challenge in April I continued that momentum into the beginning of May.

The decluttering and organizing has made its way into my JOB, and I am the most organized at my work office as I have ever been.  It makes such a world of difference in my productivity. Why haven’t I done this before? As awesome as that is, it motivated me even MORE at home, and I have started decluttering my home office (again). I cannot even express in words how wonderful it feels to have so many pieces of my environment clutter free. I could probably express it in interpretive dance…

interpretive dance

Whether the decluttering has opened my senses or if I’m just in a good place to listen right now, I am definitely receiving direction from the universe. I am excited about the direction and want to share it with you.

First, let me share this little nugget that I read yesterday on “The Daily Om”: That which you resist persists. What? One sentence screaming ,“Stop fighting! Just go with the flow.” Later in the day I was listening to some information on the May numerology. The central theme was about riptides; “stop fighting and go with the flow.” I have experienced this already over the past 9 days. When I relax and let things “be” I find more peace. When I quit trying to control every situation and just let things flow, I find more peace. When I do not argue with the husband and just quietly listen (or focus on my breath) while he is talking about something I may not agree with or think is unimportant or nonsensical (there may be some clues in this that I need to value him more, but that’s food for another day) I find more peace and so does he. Om.

Second, a return to something that is not new to me or probably to you, and something that may almost seem contradictory to the above: Action is the key to … (insert words here). Let me explain. When I find myself at a plateau or spinning my wheels or angst-y or confused or not where I feel (good/right) the missing ingredient is ACTION. Action is the key to relieving those feelings listed previously. When I’m not producing the results I want in business, the answer is in action! Call someone, schedule a meeting, do a presentation, sell something; DO SOMETHING. When I’m feeling in a funk, get up off of the couch and exercise; go for a walk, play with the dog, play with the girls, get those endorphins going, paint a picture, play the piano; DO SOMETHING.

On that note I got up this morning and worked out for an hour, followed by a long meditation. I looked at my schedule, which I had written out Sunday evening and color coded. I spent some time with our newest pet, Buttercup, the Flemish Giant Rabbit. She is awesome (and big). Then it hit me: I need to help others understand the power of Action, too! I reached out via text to 3 women very close to me. I asked them to tell me one goal they had for May. They all did. I asked them what they were doing today  to move them toward the accomplishment of that goal. That didn’t really spur results based answers. So I took a different approach. One of the women told me her goal was to tone her arms. I asked her what action she could take today to move her toward that goal and she said “get up earlier to do kettlebell workout”. I told her that was a good thing for tomorrow, but that didn’t take care of today. So I asked her if she had time to do 10 wall push-ups today. She said “no I have a volleyball game tonight.” Well, that seems like a pretty good way to tone those arms! She agreed. She was already going to do something – take action – toward her goal! Another woman told me she wanted to be more organized with her time so that she didn’t overbook herself, and so she can plan months in advance. I asked her what kind of calendar she uses. She said she uses a simple monthly/weekly planner. So, I asked about the process she uses to gather her schedule information and how she could make that more efficient and effective. She said that she found a planner that she thinks will work better than the one she currently uses, but it doesn’t start until June. She also wants a better system to write down events or plans as she makes them. I asked her if her phone has a calendar, notes, or reminder feature (of course I knew it did). Yes. I suggested that she start utilizing her calendar in her phone and continue to use that to schedule things and note them as they come up, and then use that and the paper calendar she likes beginning in June; especially since she is wanting to plan months of time, weeks, days, and blocks of time. I asked her if she could afford the new calendar or if we should create pages and print them off. She said that she could afford it and would go pick it up this afternoon. She texted me back that she is so excited about the process. That, my friends, is the power and energy of taking action! The 3rd woman said that her goal was to plant a vegetable garden. She told me that raised beds had been made and the soil in it has been tilled. I asked her what kind of veggies she wants to grow. We started a conversation about what she likes to eat, what I like to eat, what I’ve grown, and what will work in her space. After a few short text messages I let her know that she had finished her action plan for today: deciding what to grow in her garden! She didn’t even know she was doing the action! She was letting it flow.

What are YOUR goals for May? What action can you take today to move you toward your goal?

“A real decision is measured by the fact that you’ve taken a new action. If there’s no action you haven’t truly decided.” ~ Tony Robbins



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WOW ~ 30 Day Cleanse Challenge Wrap Up

WOW ~ 30 Day Cleanse Challenge Wrap Up

Mea culpa; I started strong and faltered somewhere past the midway point. Not with all of my challenges, but with my sharing about my challenges. For that, I am sorry.

What I am NOT sorry for is the results that April provided. Let me provide a summation.

A few things late in the month gave me some challenges that weren’t on my list. An overabundance of rain caused some minor flooding and then 3 of my girls ended the month with fevers, sore throats, and general ickyness.

I was a little less than perfect on the food front: I did have some moderately processed foods. I had some homemade fish and chips (deep fried). I cut out (most) simple carbs, although I did have a couple of beers throughout the month and a glass of wine. I stayed away from red meat. I did drink a minimum of 64 ounces of water a day. I did work out a minimum of 60 minutes a day, although I forgot to wear my pedometer 3 days. My goal was to walk 150 miles; I logged 134.8. I would guess that the 3 days I didn’t wear my pedometer were probably 5 mile days, so I know I came close; two of those were garage sale days!

I worked on my attitude and made tremendous progress in positivity. I even noticed that the change in my own attitude caused a change in people around me! Bonus!

I did meditate a minimum of 15 minutes per day. I did a couple of 7 day meditation challenges, focusing on a couple of areas in my life that I wanted to work on. I meditated every night before bed in some form or fashion. I discovered a beautiful quote that puts meditation into a new light: “Prayer is when you talk to God. Meditation is when God talks to you.”

Lastly, my challenge on the environment I live in; my space. I decluttered and organized every room in my home, at least a little bit. I averaged well over 10 minutes per day decluttering and organizing. The garage sale the last weekend of the month did not sell as much “stuff” as I had hoped, but it did sell some. The items that did not sell have been taken to my mother’s home to store until the beginning of June, when the sorority she is in has a garage sale to raise money for a charity. The amount of “stuff” that has been removed from my home is almost unbelievable. Of course it is easier to keep organized and clean with less stuff. An added benefit is that it just feels better in the house. Another added benefit is that I want to continue decluttering. I had some cancellations at work yesterday, so I spent the better part of the day organizing my office. It is the most organized it has been in years. It felt wonderful to come in today and know exactly where everything is.

This challenge was such a huge success for me it has inspired me to continue the forward momentum with all of the areas I worked on. I would love to hear how your April was; whether you participated in the 30 Day Cleanse Challenge or not. I would love to hear what areas you are growing in!

Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful. ~ Joshua J Marine


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