WOW ~ 30 DCC Day 10 ~ Sunday Funday

11 Apr
WOW ~ 30 DCC Day 10 ~ Sunday Funday

Following my rest day Saturday I got up raring to go (after sleeping in only a little bit). I got up and weighed, first thing. BIG WIN! Down another .7 pounds! That’s a total of 2.7 in 10 days, and I feel so awesome about it! I did ½ of my normal and promised hour walk, partly because I slept in and partly because I had told Daughter Number Four that I would wake her early and taker her with me to my mother’s for our routine of Sunday morning coffee and talk (we do this on Saturday, too). We had been down at my mother’s yesterday afternoon for a bit and mother had asked D4 to check in her freezer to see if she had ever seen anything so silly. Mom had bought some confetti toaster waffles for the girls, just in case they might want to come down to eat breakfast one of these weekend mornings. So, I got up the youngest and earliest riser and we headed the long 3 blocks down to Moms. I don’t eat toaster waffles (nor do I buy them) so I didn’t try any of the confetti goodness. I am told they were delicious.

When I got back from mom’s house I continued with some of the decluttering and organizing I had started yesterday. I focused on my bedroom. I am thrilled to say that it is in the best shape it has been in since the flood in June! It feels so light and peaceful!

I hadn’t had my normal breakfast smoothie by mid-morning and I was feeling a little bit eleven o’clock-ish (although it was closer to 10). I decided to treat myself and make one of my absolute favorite brunches – shrimp and grits. I knew I wanted to healthy it up, so I made some swaps to my normal Southern style shrimp and grits recipe. I didn’t make Cheese Grits, just a pan of plain grits. I subbed the cream and some of the butter in the grits for a roux with chicken broth. I also made some healthier biscuits, using whole wheat flour along with the white and fat free buttermilk. I was not at all disappointed in my healthy version of my favorite brunch, in fact it was very satisfying. D4 loved it, too. D3 doesn’t do shrimp and grits, but she did like the biscuits. The Hubs isn’t a breakfast guy, and brunch came fairly close to his awakening this morning. I tried to keep it warm for him, and noticed that he did have some a little bit later. He said that these grits were better than the last ones I made (he didn’t even miss the fat and calories)! Win!

I did some decluttering in my bathroom and was excited to throw away some things I had been holding on to for at least 10 years. What was I saving that old contact lens case for? Or the emery board that is worn slick? WIN!

The positive environment I have been providing for myself and others (especially over the past 3 days) is carrying over to everyone, most of the time. My life with the tween and teen will likely have some periods of mild conflict at the least. I am working to redirect both my own frustration, and theirs. Win?

I haven’t meditated yet today, but am going to before bed. I have a lovely space to meditate in – and am so very excited. Win!

A super exciting win… I had set a goal to walk 150 miles in April and did a 10 day tally (drum roll) ~ 49.6 miles! I am on pace to hit my 150 miles! WOO HOO! Big WIN!

Another win…one of my co-challengers is down almost FOUR pounds since April 1! Let’s all give her a high-five for being consistent and working hard on her cleanse challenge!

I would love to hear from YOU to see how you are doing on this challenge, or any other goals or challenges you are working on!

The real winners in life are the people who look at every situation with an expectation that they can make it work or make it better. ~ Barbara Pletcher


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3 responses to “WOW ~ 30 DCC Day 10 ~ Sunday Funday

  1. Kate @ Did That Just Happen?

    April 11, 2016 at 12:15 pm

    Congrats on so many wins!!! 2.7 lbs is awesome!
    And I saw you say “I don’t eat xxx” and I giggled, because I have recently read that instead of turning down a dish that is not a healthy choice for us, we should be saying, “Thanks, but I don’t eat xxx” So I’ve been practicing that! It was good to see it in use and realized it’s not as harsh as I expected it to be!

    • ortsofsorts

      April 11, 2016 at 5:09 pm

      After I wrote “I don’t eat xxx” I thought that I should have summed that up differently! I truly do not eat xxx, because my body doesn’t like it. I don’t think I dislike xxx, or any similar products, but my body sure does (dislike xxx). It isn’t a matter of my fitness, as much as it is a matter of my overall health and well-being!

      • Kate @ Did That Just Happen?

        April 12, 2016 at 7:33 am

        LOL, I think that for overall health and well-being, stating we don’t eat xxx is a perfect way to put it!


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