WOW ~ Eat What You Don’t Like First

18 Mar
WOW ~ Eat What You Don’t Like First

I shared some tips yesterday to help get things done when one is very busy; some time management tips. Here is another tip that I have to help you get done what you NEED to get done. Sometimes, that first line on your “To Do” list is the hardest.

I used to be a serial procrastinator. The interesting thing is, I am a busy person and I stay busy. It’s not that I am a “lazy” person, or that I spend my time Farming on Facebook (like I used to) or watching TV or playing video games…I am genuinely busy.

My problem was this: I would procrastinate on things that I did not want to do. Yep. That’s it. I know that isn’t uncommon. I would guess that most people do the things they like to do or want to do first. In fact, I would find myself moving from the things that I like to do or that were easy, to the things that I kind of wanted to do, to the things that I would rather not do, and then…Oh – well, looky there! It’s time to go home! I’ll do that tomorrow. I even got to the things that make me pretty gosh darn uneasy. When the reality is that if I would have just sat down and done the things that needed to get done right off the bat, they would be done. Iit’s very similar to how Daughter Number 3 tackles her dinner plate. If you are not aware of my pickiest eater, she is NOT a fan of plant life. That’s not entirely true. She loves climbing trees and being outside. She does not like to EAT plants. She’s moderate with fruit, but only the ones she really likes. You know, apples, applesauce, cooked apples… She doesn’t like vegetables. Especially green ones, orange ones, red ones, etc. She truly paid Daughter Number 4 $1 to eat the  broccoli off of her plate once. Her approach has changed vastly, though. She sits down and immediately eats her vegetables (drowned in large mouthfuls of milk) so that she can enjoy the rest of her meal.

Brian Tracy has a name for this tactic: Eat that frog. No one wants to eat a frog. That just sounds gross! Who wants to eat a frog? Well, if that’s the worst thing you have to do all day is to eat a frog, that’s not too bad. Then, once that frog is off of the desk the rest of the day is like eating cake!

So, I started eating the frog (or the veggies off of my plate) before I do anything else.

If you want to make an easy job seem mighty hard, just keep putting off doing it. ~ Olin Miller


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