100 Day Challenge ~ Single Handle

23 Nov
100 Day Challenge ~ Single Handle

I learned this from Brian Tracy.  It’s called single handling.  If anyone has seen my desk in my office (or at home) on most days you can tell that I am not overly organized.  When I utilize the practice of single handling my desk is cleared off and I am really managing my time effectively.  I have also carried this idea over to my home life, and (when used) it is mind boggling how efficient and organized I become.  It is a very simple technique.  Anything that you pick up, you handle to completion. In the office, if you pick up a piece of paper from your desk, if you have something in your hand, deal with it immediately and properly.  Right away and the right way.  Take that piece of paper and handle whatever needs to be handled with it; copy it, mail it, file it, delegate it, shred it, whatever needs to be done with it you do it until that paper is where it needs to be.  Pick up the next piece of paper on your desk.  Single handle it.  The way I do this at home (this description may frighten you:  remember I have three children, 1 husband, and 7 animals in my care at my home) is kind of like this.  As I walk in the door of the house from work, I carry my computer bag, purse and shoes up to my office.  I put my shoes in the appropriate box and set my computer on my desk.  I put my purse in my chair, hang up my coat and stow my gloves and scarf in the appropriate bins in the coat closet on my trip back down the stairs.  THEN:  anything that I pass over on my way to or from any other place I pick up and put away appropriately.  I don’t just step over it.  I don’t step on it.  I deal with it.  I find that if when I’m cooking I put away what I get out as I go, it makes clean up so much quicker and easier at the end.  The same is true of when I do my hair and makeup.  (This may seem like a very normal thing for some of you….not me!)  Before, I would leave things strewn about as I get ready in the mornings.  Hair brush, hairspray, deodorant, etc., wherever they may land.  It does take a bit (If a boulder is a bit) of conscious effort on my part to single handle because it is NOT my way.  It really does save me time, and keeps things much more tidy. 

Hopefully this tip helps you become more organized, if you aren’t already, or save some time or be more efficient if you are already organized.
Don’t agonize. Organize.~ Florynce Kennedy



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3 responses to “100 Day Challenge ~ Single Handle

  1. Kate @ Did That Just Happen?

    November 24, 2015 at 2:41 pm

    I’m a clean-up-as-you-go person in the kitchen, and pretty much throughout the rest of the house… on most days… but there are some days when I have to admit, the dining room table becomes a collection bin of our lives! 😉

    • ortsofsorts

      November 24, 2015 at 3:14 pm

      I used to blame having 4 kids and working crazy hours, driving all over the state for work, etc. for my clutter. I only have 2 girls living at home now, so I think it’s time for a new excuse! Seriously, this technique makes a huge difference.

      • Kate @ Did That Just Happen?

        November 24, 2015 at 3:28 pm

        And your mind will feel so much better with less clutter around! I breath better when I put up as I touch, so it really helps my stress level to only touch things once!


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