100 Day Challenge ~ Incremental Improvement

25 Sep
100 Day Challenge ~ Incremental Improvement

I am delighted and thrilled with the feedback and comments I am getting online and in person regarding the 2015 100 Day Challenge!

Let me address a couple of the comments to eliminate some confusion, and then… let me give a tool to help ease some discomfort regarding some other comments I have received.

First, choose YOUR goal(s).  Just because I am working on a big number of Big Hairy Ambitious Goals (BHAG) does not mean YOU have to. We are all unique beings. If you want to lose 7 pounds and not 14 or 15 that is awesome! If you only have one goal to work on, excellent! This is not a challenge to make anyone feel less than…it’s a challenge to make everyone feel greater than through some tips and guidance and a network of support. You choose your goal, commit to it, and work toward it.

This is a judgement free zone!

Next, I’ve had some people mention that they don’t have time to work toward a goal because their lives are so busy right now. Or, I’ve had people talk with me about their goal plan (how they are going to achieve their goal) and they are basically trying to go from couch to 5k overnight. I love the saying, you can eat an elephant one bite at a time”. It puts into perspective the relevance of not overdoing it. I’m going to share with you some very important information about working toward your goals in way that won’t frighten you or burn you out. It is called incremental improvement.

There is a method by which you can multiply your success. It is based on the Japanese idea of kaizen. Kaizen, which means improvement, is a method of continuous and incremental improvement. The principles of kaizen go deeper than I will touch on here. What is important right now is how to use this to become 26% “more” in one year than you are today. Your ‘more’ should correspond to your ‘what’. 26% more productive, healthier, fitter, happier; ‘what’ ever you are reaching for.

If you look at the big goal it sometimes seems daunting. If you look at any aspect of life that you want to change, sometimes that can be overwhelming. If you look at changing the whole it is overwhelming and daunting. If you look at changing it incrementally, just a small bit, every day you will discover that your growth and positive movement is multiplying! If you can make one small improvement every day, that is only equal to a change of 1/10 of 1% (one-tenth of one percent) you will become ½ of 1% better in 5 days; one work week. If you continue to make those small daily improvements you will notice growth in that area of 2% in one month. Two percent may not sound like much, but imagine if you will that one of your health goals is to go from a BMI that shows you as overweight to a BMI in the healthy range. A decrease in your weight of only 2% could do that.  If you continue to make small daily changes to your habits 2% a month will equal 26% in one year. Now, that is multiplying nicely! If you continue each and every day, making a small bit of improvement over the previous day, you will be 50% ‘more’ in about 2 and ½ years. Over 10 years that is an improvement of 1000% percent.

This process can change your life. It will change it more quickly. The great part is that you will barely notice a change in the time that it takes! As you make those small daily changes, you also become more efficient. Think about doing one thing just a little bit ‘more’ tomorrow. If you are working out, try running just 5 seconds longer. If you have a goal at work, do one extra thing. The next day, do just 5 MORE seconds or do one MORE extra thing. As these habits form and you continue to make daily incremental improvements you will be reaching your goals in record time!

Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out. ~ R. Collier


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2 responses to “100 Day Challenge ~ Incremental Improvement

  1. Kate @ Did That Just Happen?

    September 28, 2015 at 10:07 am

    I did that this morning, I realized I had put restrictions on myself that didn’t need to be there, and ran an extra 1/2 mile today!! 🙂 It was small, but it was a challenge and it helped up my game 🙂

    • ortsofsorts

      September 28, 2015 at 10:37 am

      Inch by inch, it’s a cinch!


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