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National Poetry Month – A Breeze

National Poetry Month – A Breeze

When I got home from work yesterday my youngest daughter was so excited to share a poem with me that she had written. I asked if it was for an assignment, and she said, “No, I was thinking of you.”

Her poem inspired me to create a Mixed Media piece. I am sharing both with you.

a leaf

A breeze

I felt a breeze upon my shoulders

And knew he was watching me

down a leaf flapped and fluttered

in the steady soft long breeze



By: Éan Haynes



What are some of your favorite poems or poets? I would love to know!



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Sharing some passion

Sharing some passion

Friday was Haiku day. I was on the road with my job most of the day. I did have time to write some Haiku in my head, unfortunately by the time I got home I had things to do and no time to get any of the words out of my head onto paper or into the computer. The weekend was busy with work and family, but I did manage to slip in a few hours of my new found passion, mixed media art!

My mother surprised me with a few bottles of acrylic paint and some scrapbook paper when I went to have coffee with her on Saturday morning, so I just had to use her gift!

First, I made a picture for Daughter Number One, who purchased her first home less than a month ago, and is finishing up painting the walls and starting to hang some artwork. I used her favorite color, green, and did a coffee cup like the one I had done last weekend. I sent her a picture and she was very excited.

Then I made a picture for Daughter Number Two, who is currently a student at the University of Kansas, majoring in biology (pre-Med). I made hers in pink, blue, and yellow and did a few new techniques and went with a simple heart collage. I loved trying the new techniques and am learning what works and what doesn’t.

As much as I would love to be able to take some time off to “art”, alas I must return to my job today. I did take a few minutes after my morning workout and while my morning beverage was brewing to write this Haiku about another one of my most passionate things.

green cup

The sounds coming from

My coffee pot are music

To my Waking Ears.


Thank you for allowing me to share my passion with you, in food, in art, in life. Just another small bite of my life… and they really are orts, of sorts.





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Salmon and English Muffins

Salmon and English Muffins

I have never been one to shy away from making something new, but when it comes to baking I tend to stick with more of the tried and true; recipes that have been passed down from my parents or ones that I have made myself many times.

(Warning: this post may suffer from seemingly random thoughts and wandering. Stay with me.)

Last night The Hubs grilled a lovely, big piece of salmon for dinner. When I told him I had purchased some salmon and it would be great on the grill he didn’t look at it. Basing his coals and cooking estimate on the salmon I usually buy he miscalculated a bit. When he saw the big, thick piece of salmon I had purchased his initial grumbling and running (under his breath) commentary was that it was much bigger than he had thought and he hadn’t put enough coals in and it was going to take much longer than he had thought. His next concern was what I had paid for it. I assured him that not only was it sale, but it also pays (saves) to know your butcher! I got an incredible deal on the salmon! I should have cut it in half and frozen part of it, but it was too damn pretty!

As we were eating dinner and savoring the delicious grilled salmon (The Hubs and I and Daughter Number 4 were savoring. Daughter Number 3 was complaining about not liking fish, and we discovered later that one of our cats and our Chihuahua got the benefit of her dislike under the table.) I was already planning on making some of the leftover grilled salmon my breakfast today.

I have loved salmon for breakfast since my trip to Banff, Alberta, Canada in 2010. Prior to that trip I had the rare occasion to eat lox, cream cheese, and bagels, but nothing more exciting than that. I was introduced to salmon with poached eggs and hollandaise, salmon omelettes, and more; I digress.

When The Hubs asked what I was thinking about so quietly at the dinner table (yes, I was quiet) I told him I was planning my salmon breakfast. His eyes sparkled. “MY salmon breakfast?” he asked. I agreed that it would be OUR salmon breakfast. (Homage to Billy Madison)

I did not start thinking about breakfast as soon as I got up, but I did start thinking about it very shortly after. All during my workout I was thinking about what I was going to make with the salmon that would be simply amazing. I thought about crepe-eggs, a delightful fluffy egg/crepe served at “The Good Egg”. I thought about the poached eggs with salmon I had eaten in Banff. I decided that whatever I made there had to be a side of English muffins. Sadness hit when I realized I didn’t have English muffins. Happiness overcame when I decided to make my own. Although I had never made English muffins before, that became as much a part of the breakfast (which I knew would be brunch) as the salmon. I quickly found a recipe and got started on the English muffins. As with many baking firsts, they English muffins took longer than I had anticipated. Our brunch would be lunch at the rate I was going. (Thank goodness I can work from home.) I was delighted at how the recipe for English muffins was coming along and could not wait to try them. Once I placed the first batch on my hot, oiled griddle I was ready to start the rest of my breakfast / lunch.

The salmon dish I decided on was Salmon Omelettes. Since I was already trying something new I didn’t want to ruin one thing by becoming overwhelmed. The omelette filling was simple. I melted butter in a sauté pan, added some green onion whites, minced garlic, and some flaked, grilled salmon. Once that was sautéing I added a knob of butter to my omelette pan to melt. I whipped three extra large eggs in a glass bowl until frothy. Once the butter started to bubble I added the eggs to the pan. (Here’s just a quick run-down of omelette (omelet to most Americans) making.) Swirl the egg around the entire inside of the pan. Take a rubber spatula and carefully lift the edges away from the pan in a light swooping motion around the entirety of the pan. As you lift the edges continue to swirl the eggs lightly. When the edges are set, but still pull away from the pan add your filling ingredients to the still soft omelette, being careful to keep all of the filling on one side. The other side will be flipped over the fillings. To my omelette I added some cubed cream cheese, the salmon mixture, a bit of dill, and a small amount of grated cheddar. When the cheese melted I gently folded the unfilled side over the filling. After removing gently to a plate I topped with some chopped green onion.


During the cooking of the omelette I had turned the English muffins at the 10 minute mark. The timer went off after another 10 minutes and I removed the muffins onto a platter. I had more English muffins to add to the griddle, but I left some room. I added a small bit of butter to the griddle, split one of the already ‘baked’ English muffins and added it to the buttered griddle. I left it on to toast for a couple of minutes and then removed to the plate with my omelette.

The Hubs was very complimentary of the presentation of the omelette. He was even more impressed after he tasted it. I asked how he liked the homemade English muffins, and he asked if I was kidding. I hadn’t tasted mine yet, so I was getting ready to pout a bit when he clarified his comment. He couldn’t believe they were homemade. We will never buy English muffins again. These were incredibly delicious.


I followed this recipe exactly, and suggest you do the same when you make YOUR English muffins.

Also, I think everyone should make friends with a butcher! Even if you don’t get a super deal like I did, you will get better cuts of meat than the average customer.

A few morsels to chew on…while planning your next foodventure!



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Artwork, Passion, and Desire

Artwork, Passion, and Desire

I have never considered myself to be artistically talented. As a child during grade school art classes I was somewhere in the middle of the pack as far as ability. I wanted to be one of those kids who could free hand horses, or shade a vase, or paint a beautiful flower and have it look like the flower. Alas, that was not me.

About a month ago I got this intense desire to paint or create artwork. I shared this strong desire with my husband and my mother. They both gave me the same kind of look, which said: “You don’t do that.” Last Friday night I went to a local “art walk”. There were some amazing paintings and other pieces of artwork. It made my desire even stronger. I wasn’t 100% sure where to begin or exactly what I wanted to do. I just knew that I wanted to create.

Yesterday morning my mother mentioned that she had a cardboard box that she was going to have to get into the recycling. I went to help her with it and what I saw sparked an even stronger desire. Within this large box (which I brought home for my 10 year old to play with) was a large piece of corrugated cardboard that I just knew could be used as a canvas. My mother suggested that I read a little bit about priming the cardboard or see what I would need to do in order to prep my “canvas”. I found this awesome site that talked about mixed medium artwork, and I knew what I was going to make!

On  I found instructions on how to create some neat pieces using items that I already had around the house. I invested in some Mod Podge and a few bottles of acrylic paint. In one day I finished one piece, and started a second. They have turned out better than I could have hoped for considering I have never attempted anything like this in my entire life! I wish I had more time today to do more.


The reason I am sharing this is threefold. First, I am super excited! Second, this creative endeavor has been like a reset button to my mind and soul. Possibly to my body considering I was on my feet for the better part of 6 ½ hours while doing my art. Third, and possibly most importantly: follow your passion. When we feel a desire burning inside of us, it was put there for a reason. The word desire comes from the latin “of the king”. Our desires are put in us by our higher power (God).

Whether I make more artwork (I will definitely make more) or not, I tried something new and discovered that I am NOT bad at it, and I love doing it.

I would love to hear your own stories about your creative endeavors and if you follow your desires and passions~

I will plan out my next project as I enjoy a glass of Moscato. Cheers!


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Fried Mushrooms

Fried Mushrooms

It has been a busy end of Winter, beginning of Spring so I have not been doing quite as much cooking of new or fun foods. I also have to admit that I have been a little bit lazy on the healthy eating. So, I’m going to share a dinner that we had one day last week…as long as you promise not to judge. Really. No judging!

As I mentioned last September, we purchase a Fry Daddy to make homemade French fries for my mother on her anniversary. It has been seldom used and sits in a lower cabinet. The Hubs thought that French fries sounded great, and I knew that I had some fresh mushrooms in the fridge so told him that as long as we were getting it out, we might as well do a couple of things. He sliced up the potatoes and found a recipe for breaded fried mushrooms. I also decided that if we were going to do this thing we would do it with gusto! I also had some avocados  that I cut up and a can of large black olives that I thought would lend themselves to battering and deep frying. (You’re not judging, right?)

Growing up my dad learned how to make breaded fried mushrooms for my mother after she had some at a tavern. They always make me think of him.

Below is the recipe that we used for our insanely awesome mushrooms! They were some of the best I have ever had. The avocadoes were “ok”, the French fries were delightful, and the black olives were interesting. I would like to try them again, with maybe a filling for the middle of the olives. I’m thinking a spicy cheese mixture. (Judging?)

Deep Fried Mushrooms

  • 10 ounces whole mushrooms
  • ¾ cup all purpose flour
  • 2 eggs, beaten
  • 1 cup breadrumbs (my dad used cracker meal)
  • Oil for deep frying

Heat the oil in the deep fryer to 375 degrees. Wash the mushrooms and remove any woody stems. Pat mushrooms dry with a paper towel. Coat mushrooms with flour, lightly tap to remove excess flour. Dip in eggs. Coat with bread crumbs. Set aside to set the batter. Deep fry mushrooms in batches, turning if needed to cook evenly, 3-4 minutes or until golden brown.

Drain on paper towels or a rack and serve warm.

I definitely recommend trying these mushrooms if you are a fan of those little treats! I like to serve mine with Ranch dip or dressing.

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